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Welcome to cococritter, the only pet bed with comfort technology!

  • Powerful protection against fleas & other pests. 
  • Powerful odor control. 
  • 100% biodegradable & sustainable.
  • Easy to clean!

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About Us & Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Hello and welcome to Coco Critter. We are very happy to have you and your pets join the Coco Critter community!

Your pet’s eco-friendly Coco Critter pet bed is on its way. Your Coco Critter pet bed is not like any pet bed you have purchased in the past. You and your best friends are in for a whole new experience as Coco Critter is designed to be portable, fully cleanable, actively fights fleas, ticks, bacteria and always smells nice. Coco Critter is very proud to provide the only pet bed that is fully biodegradable and built in a completely sustainable manner.

Eco Coco Critter was founded in early 2017 by pet lovers who are dedicated to making pet products that pets like and are good for the environment. Coco Critter’s charter is to provide an alternative to synthetic and recycled-synthetic pet beds that is eco-friendly and is designed to make your pet more comfortable than traditional pet beds. Coco Critter has active ingredients that fight ticks, fleas, bacteria and provide powerful odor control.

Did you know? 

On average pet owners throw away a pet bed every 6 months. Like beds for human’s pet beds are disposed of in dumps and landfills creating irreversible ecological impact. Since 2012 our team has been working to develop a material for your pet’s bed that is completely biodegradable and built in a sustainable manner.  Coco Critter is made of natural coconut fibers collected from fallen coconuts and natural latex which is extracted from rubber trees with no adverse effect on the tree. The Coco Critter mattress is coated with microcapsules that provide the Coco Critter Comfort Technology features and are 100% biodegradable as well.

Your Coco Critter mattress is virtually waterproof and will not collect pet dander, moisture or dirt allowing it to be COMPLETELY cleaned with cold water only. Simply remove the cover by unzipping the cover zipper and gently pulling the mattress free. Machine wash cover according to instructions on the tag. Wash mattress by spaying cold water through the mattress with a hose or in a sink for 1 minute on each side then shake mattress vigorously for 5 seconds and set aside for 15 minutes. Put washed cover back on and your Coco Critter bed is perfectly clean and ready for your best friends to enjoy.

Congratulations! on your choice to do something nice for your pets, for the environment and for yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION; - How does Coco Critter Comfort Technology work? 


ANSWER; - Coco Critter pet beds are built with coco fibers and natural latex to create a fully ventilated and breathable cushion which your pet can distinguish from synthetic fiber cushions used in traditional pet beds. Additionally all the fibers within Coco Critter pet bed are fully encased in active microcapsule technology providing protection against fleas, ticks and other pests including bacteria. Most importantly, Coco Critter provides very powerful odor control. When your pet is on the Coco Critter pet bed it’s weight alone activates all these powerful attributes. Coco Critter Comfort Technology features do not wear out. These unique qualities are guaranteed for the life of your Coco Critter pet bed. 

QUESTION; - Why is the Coco Critter pet bed not as thick as traditional pet beds?

ANSWER; - It is important to understand what makes your pet comfortable. Most important is that your pets bed provides a well-ventilated mattress which is comfortable for pets ranging in size. Coco Critter has dedicated 7 years to testing these features. After years of research and testing the Coco Critter mattresses it has been proven that 3 centimeters is the ideal thickness for pets ranging from 15-200 LBS. Extensive compression testing at the CTBA Technical laboratories in Paris, France showed traditional synthetic filled mattresses tested showed a compression of 25% of their density on the first test and another 5-10% over time. Coco Critter mattresses submitted to the same test compressed only 2.5% on the first test and no additional compression over time. Because of this amazing property of the Coco Critter pet bed your pet will enjoy maximum comfort while the Coco Critter pet is easy to move around your home, inside your car or wherever your pets enjoy their time. 

QUESTION; - How do I wash my Coco Critter pet bed?

ANSWER; - Clean Your Coco Critter pet bed in two easy steps. 

Remove COVER by unzipping the zipper at one end of the bed. Remove the cover by holding the mattress and gently pulling on the cover until free from bed. Machine wash and dry cover according to instructions on attached tag.  

The MATTRESS requires ONLY COLD water for washing. Either in a sink or with a hose spray cold water through mattress for 1 minute on each side. When done shake vigorously and let stand for 15 minutes. Put cover back on mattress. Your Coco Critter pet bed is completely clean and ready for your pet to enjoy. 

QUESTION; - How are Coco Critter pet beds 100% biodegradable and sustainable?

ANSWER; - Coco Critter is very proud to provide the only 100% biodegradable and sustainable pet beds. Our charter is to provide an alternative to the synthetic and recycled synthetic pet bed market. Traditional beds are made primarily of synthetic materials. These materials are not biodegradable or manufactured in a sustainable manner. Like bed mattresses for people pet beds are ultimately discarded into local dumps and landfills creating an irreversible strain on the environment and long term ecological damage. Coco Critter pet bed mattresses are made with 100% natural coconut fibers collected from fallen coconuts which are abundant and natural latex which is extracted from rubber trees with no adverse effects on the tree. The microcapsule treatment that creates all the Coco Critter Comfort features is also 100% biodegradable. Now you can be assured that when you purchase a Coco Critter pet bed there are no adverse effects on the environment

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