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The World's Best Pet Bed.

Our comfort technology provides:

- Powerful protection against ticks, fleas & other pests. 

- Powerful odor control. 

- 100% biodegradable & sustainable.

- Lasts longer than traditional pet beds & easy to clean.

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What would make your pet's bed more comfortable? Effective odor control! Uniquely ventilated mattress! Powerful built in anti-tick, flea and bacteria ingredients!

Eco Friendly

Coco Critter pet beds are built with coco fibers and natural latex to create a fully ventilated and breathable cushion which your pet can distinguish from synthetic fiber cushions used in traditional pet beds. (More questions! learn more in our FAQ section)

- 70% Coconut fibers.
- 30% Natural Latex
- 100% Recyclable.

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Easy to Clean

The Coco Critter cover is machine washable The Coco Critter mattress needs only a brief rinse with cold water and does not require drying due to its water-repellent properties.

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Multiple Colors + Sizes

Coco Critter offers quality finishes: matching tones, the zipper is U-shaped which allows to remove easily the cover. Rounded edges and invisible seam give the harmony of the mattress. Resistant fabric polyester cotton has been carefully chosen. Choose between multiple sizes for the many sized critters in your life!

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What People Are Saying...

"I love my Coco Critter. I bought one for each of my pets. Keep up the great work guys!"
Kelly M, New York
"I travel a lot with my small dog and this new pet mattress made of coco fiber with the microcapsules was perfect for inside of her travel cage. It made it much more comfortable for her to travel and my car smelled much better because it has a soft fresh scent to it."
Ivan & Natalya Lozić, Bay area
My Westie Coco loves it! The nice smell of the bed caught his attention, and he really likes to lay down on it. This bed is a perfect size, it is easy to clean, light weight, you can carry it everywhere...very good product!

– Alexandra Murillo - San Jose

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Otherwise your favorite couch  or chair is going to get it :)



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